The Clan Donald Canada Achievement Award was presented  posthumously to John Colin in 1987.

John C. born in Little Judique Ponds, Inverness County Cape Breton son of John J. and Mary Ellen (MacDonald) MacDonald. He was a retired fisherman, served in the Department of National Defense during World War II, was a founding Member of the Maryville Lobster Cannery Co-op where he was also Secretary-Treasurer. His life long dream was to see the completion of a book of genealogy on the two Clanranald families. The “Bogainn” MacDonald of Little Judique and The “Clann Sheumais” MacDonalds of Little Judique and Long Point. This genealogy is titled “FAIR IS THE PLACE”, ISBN -0-9692277-0-1 John C. & his wife Mildred (Doucette) MacDonald were co-authors of “Fair is the Place”.