Big John Reunion

As for this picture Big John is on the far left, Mary Ellen next, to him. We believe the man on the far right is Mary Ellen’s brother John Colin with his wife by his side. We also guess that the lady in the middle may be Mary Ellen’s sister. Not sure about the children but may be grandchildren of John Colin pictured above. You can find them on page 179 of Fair is the Place.

A big thank you to all who attended. The beautiful weather and excellent venue were perfect combination for this gathering of cousins.  It was very informal with children playing and adults strolling about connecting with friends and relatives.

Big John was represented by his great grandson Colin MacLeod. Colin wore his great grandfather’s top coat, made by his great grand  mother Mary Ellen, (wife of Big John). Colin was chosen for he is the same height as Big John~6 foot 5 inches.  This is the same coat Big John is wearing in the picture above.

More pictures to come and some old pictures of the family as well.

The descendants of Big John and Mary Ellen MacDonald (page 110 Fair is the Place), their spouses/partners and families are invited to the second Big John Reunion 2:00, Saturday July 29th, 2017. We are keeping this event as simple as possible…… advance registration, so just show up and have fun.

The event will be held at 120 Lower Shore Road, Judique, NS, Canada. It will be held on the grounds of the old homestead of Big John and Mary Ellen, rain or shine. Hughie Francis (Archie’s son) has a large garage which will hold us all in case of rain. A small admission fee (amount to be posted later) will be appreciated to cover costs of Porta-potties and incidentals.

Bring a picnic, (lawn chairs if you wish) and your musical ability if you are so blessed. We will have tubs of ice for keeping food and drinks cool and BBQs if you wish to grill hamburgers/hot dogs/sausages.

At 4:00 the ‘Old Boy’ has agreed to do special guest appearance. Watch for him walking down Archie’s and Colleen’s lane (119). He will be wearing his coat (in picture) made for him by Mary Ellen. Still looking spry at 152 and just as tall as he was in his youth, 6 ft 5 in.

The event will be a big shed party, come and meet your cousins. Sunday will be a good day for family get togethers and party hopping, individual family parties.

For more information: [email protected]     1 902 787 2251

Please pass on this invite to your families.